Art and antique emporium

If you are interested in collection of art and antiques, then you can find a lot of interesting things in ArtAndAntiqueEmporium: fine arts, furniture and accessories. Our site offers a wide range of goods, which are created by fine furniture craftsmen and artisans, with which we collaborate creating quality traditional products for the discerning purchaser.

Antiquing can be compared to sport. This hobby sometimes becomes a profession and it is always connected with a passion. Of course, it requires time to run this business or even to collect old staff for pleasure only, but it produces income. Though, art and antique is more than just money. This is the part of human nature that should be preserved for generations to come. This is the unique world that attracts us and catches our heart and soul.

Art and antique emporium

Why do people love antique?

When people see an old object with its own history that can be of value or have cultural significance, they are ready to pay even more than it costs in reality. Among those things there are pieces of furniture and everyday household items, dinnerware, silverware, toys, lamps, and clothes. Of course, it can be a work of art, buying which is a good investment, by the way. All those old things are regarded as antique if they at least 100 years old. Why do we like it? It is obvious – the antiques take us closer to the past reminding the ancient times or even the person who is famous. That is why the historical aspect of such objects does matter a lot. You should know who drank from that very glass or who dreamt in this rocking chair before going asleep. This is also a kind of education; you learn how to respect the past. But it is not only about pleasure. It is also about profit. The reason for heighten interest in antiques is also explained by their monetary value. There are the specialists who can estimate the thing taking into account its age and condition. Though, the most collectors are able to do it by themselves and can say if the established price is high or low and they understand if this piece of art is going to come up. As far as rather often the antique property may appreciate over time and become a real fortune.

What about us?

We are a trusted platform offering a wide choice of unique goods for customers and dealers. We work in two directions: manufacturer-to-client and business-to-business. You can find really interesting things of high quality all in one place and leave it at home or exhibit in a museum or gallery. Moreover we can finish the look to match your existing furniture applying various coatings. There are moldings, rosettes – any millwork is available with us. Also we can do wood turning of any kind. For those who want to watch the result before it is done, we offer CAD design service. Our professional team will provide the clients with perfect drafting and 2D or 3D drawings of the recreated furniture. Just trust in our craftsmen and you’ll be satisfied with the result. Our mission is determined as production of high quality furniture following the antique samples. We choose only the best quality wood and correspondent tools intended to do the exact work when recreating the origin collection. All the orders are fulfilled in our production facility where experienced craftsmen and skilled technicians work. They pay close attention to details doing their best to create the perfect staff. Our artisans have awards and are well known in the professional environment due to their ability to fulfil the orders with historically accurate specifications.

Just turn to us with your desires and ideas to get a real mastership copying the ancient origin. We promise you the best quality.